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Leterrier for Superman and Alien sequels?

LouisLeterrier.jpgI'll wait while you shout at the screen...and breathe. Yes the latest hot rumour tearing round the internet is that Louis Leterrier, the director of Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk (Filmstalker review) and Danny the Dog is being considered to direct a sequel to the Alien films and Superman Returns (Filmstalker review).

According to reports he has been asked about taking up the Superman sequel directing role and would love to do an Alien sequel. Okay, perspective time, let's just look at what he's saying and take a big deep breath.

When a reporter or member of the public asked Louis Leterrier a direct question, something along the lines of "would you do a sequel for [insert film here]" he replied, now do bear in mind that the reporter asked a series of questions like this, one after the other for about nine different sequels.

So far it's just his own opinion and whether he would like to do them or not, like I'd love to write and direct a Predator sequel, but that'll never happen, so why is the interflab not going crazy with claims that I'm doing a Predator sequel?

First up AICN had the quick comment from reader who attended a Q&A with Leterrier where he said:

Leterrier indeed says that 'maybe they have already asked me' about directing Superman 2...

...He'd totally direct Alien 5, in fact he's good friends with Sigourney Weaver. He'd like it to be the last movie, 'bringing it full circle'

Then another translation came through Allocine (without a direct link but I think it might be here) which said:

When one asks if he would say "YES" or "NO" to several movies, it just got interesting: "the new SUPERMAN ?"

Louis answered something like this :
"Funny that you mentioned Superman... because, hum, maybe they asked me...."

So that's another different translation of Leterrier responding to a direct question asking if he would like to do a sequel to a film series, one in a list of many. So first up he's just going through the list, and secondly it's his offhand comment, and finally it already has two slightly different translations.

Now you can breathe again. I don't think Leterrier's version of action would necessarily be great for Superman, and remember that there were a lot of people involved in bringing that version to the big screen and I do believe that while Leterrier brought the thrills, others brought the strong character of Banner and the relationships.

No a Leterrier Superman would be all action and nothing else, and that's not what any of the Superman films have been about. The same could be said for an Alien film, and if Alien fans complained about the second and third outings I would love to hear them about a Letterier Alien.



Is there any hope left?


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