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Lundgren's directing Icarus

DolphLundgren.jpgDolph Lundgren is directing and starring in another film called Icarus.

This makes the fifth film he's directed, believe it or not, and two of those are in the last year. He's also written two of them and provided the story for one. Have we forgotten about this man and sent him to DVD hell unfairly?

Previously we heard that he was directing, starring and writing the terrible sounding Command Performance, a film that would see him playing a drummer in a rock band who has to save the day when the safety of all at a concert he's playing in is threatened. Of course he's an ex-Marine. It all sounded a bit Steven Seagull-ish and not very appealing.

However with thoughts of a possible Universal Soldier sequel attracting back the old cast, and a review copy of his directed The Mechanik sitting on my review pile, I'm really getting interested in what Dolph Lundgren has to offer.

In 2007 he wrote, starred and directed Missionary Man as well as being an uncredited director on Diamond Dogs. Command Performance aside, this new film sounds rather interesting, if a bit over visited.

According to Variety this new project, Icarus, will see him playing a Soviet trained assassin determined to escape his double life as a hitman and a husband and father.

Now I know some of you will be laughing at the thought of Dolph Lundgren being anything but a camp action hero, but surely you're forgetting Universal Soldier, The Punisher, Rocky IV, and even Red Scorpion. Yes they are all action films and some with little depth, but come on he was good in them, very recognisable, and has a great screen presence. Now add to that he's writing and directing. The guy is a talent isn't he?

I just wish that he could be put to better use, not that I'm having a go at his films, but for a while now they've been very low budget and direct to DVD. Why doesn't Quentin Tarantino pick him up for Inglorious Bastards?



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