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Max Payne film trailer online

MaxPayne.jpgMark Wahlberg's appearance as Max Payne, the ultra violent and noir-esque videogame character, can now be seen online as the trailer makes a very quick appearance in Quicktime.

Max Payne is the videogame that features the titular character as an NYPD cop in a very noir inspired world. Returning home one night he finds his family murdered by men on a new kind of drug, and he's consumed by the pain. Three years later he's fighting drug crime undercover in the DEA in the crime family that may just have supplied the men who killed his family. He heads out for information, and finally on a rampage to kill them all, one by one, from the foot soldiers right to the top.

Is it just me or are films releasing trailers earlier and earlier than ever before? Well here's an early trailer for Max Payne which you can see over at FilmWeb.pl [QT:L] through /Film. FilmWeb.pl also have a few more options in sizes and formats which you can see over on their Max Payne trailer page [QT:WMV:RP:S:M:L].

Of course you can watch the lower resolution version right here in Flash format, Personally I'm holding on for the very slow download of the large Quicktime trailer.

I'll update you as to what I think in the comments as soon as the trailer completes. In the meantime see if you can beat me to it - what do you think?

The director John Moore has a chequered past, mainly because of his Omen remake, but then Behind Enemy Lines was good, and his Flight of the Pheonix remake wasn't terrible. The other thing to consider is that Mark Wahlberg is suited to this type of character, mean, moody, and man of few words.



Oh wow, I think this looks superb, I really do. The trailer took a long time to download in Quicktime but I finally managed and it looks fantastic.

I think this is what Hitman should have been going for.

This is darker, it grabs the noir style, and it has some cool elements of the Max Payne game in the actual film but making it a bit more real world. Wahlberg sits right in there perfectly too.

The only question? Is that flying creature merely metaphorical for the angel of death, or is there actually a flying creature in it?!

'The only question? Is that flying creature merely metaphorical for the angel of death, or is there actually a flying creature in it?!'

I thought the same thing! Hopefully this film will be good. I love the games.

It made me want to go back and play the games again. I really liked it, seems to have captured the feeling of the game very well. Here's hoping it doesn't suck as bad as hitman...

Totally agree about the winged beastie. Intriguing.

This does look like they've got the elements from the game there; it's surprisingly faithful actually.

I'd written this off, but it's back on my radar now. Thanks for posting the trailer.

Thanks for popping by Dan, and no problem on the trailer.

I am confused about that beast...I think I saw it earlier in the trailer too, I'll have to take another look.

Oooo! Looks very good. It's been many moons since I played the original game, but this trailer certainly seems to fit the style that I remember.

I'm hoping that the 'angel vision' is part of some dream sequence. I remember being really creeped out by the maze-like baby-crying sequences in the game and hope they make it to the big screen.

I just watched the U.S. trailer, which I'm about to post as well, and it looks pretty similar but I counted the amount of appearances of the "creature" and it looked about six or seven glimpses.

I think it will be a metaphorical/dream type thing as this new trailer has a few more moments that are dreamlike.

Does look a lot better than I thought it would be.

Do yourselves a favor and go back and play the game. All of your questions about the winged creature will be answered.

Well you could do us a favour and explain it!


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