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Max Payne U.S. trailer online

MaxPayne.jpgThere's not a lot of difference from the International Max Payne trailer, but this new U.S. trailer for Max Payne has a few more shots, and a couple of them look extremely cool.

I'm wondering if this film can live up to the videogame and what the trailer is promising, not only delivering a faithful creation of the game's story on screen, but perhaps bringing us a superbly dark and violent noir inspired film.

Am I hoping for too much? I certainly hope not because the trailer for Max Payne looks superb don't you think? Let us know how you feel about the trailer and tell everyone if you have played the game before or not. It'll be interesting to hear if you have played the game or not compared to your views of the trailer.

Here's the trailer from IGN found through Rope of Silicon:

If you want a bit of a comparison, check the previous International trailer in this other article.

It does look really good, and this trailer shows a few more scenes that look more dream and vision like which the game featured a lot - I love the screaming Payne image as the city behind him turns to flames - the appearance of the weird creature in the International trailer does look more and more metaphorical and symbolic rather than real. Note that in the trailer the creature, or the vision of the creature, can be seen six or seven times.

What do you think then? Could this be another videogame adaptation that is not only true to the original but gives us something entertaining and exciting in the cinema?



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