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Metropolis extra footage

Metropolis.jpgSome new lost scenes from the classic 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis have been found in a museum in Buenos Aires. Just found, just like that.

The plan is to take these scenes and add them into the original and then releasing it again. However does that make it someone else's film and not Fritz Lang's anymore? Despite the claims of what the footage does to the film, who's to say that these were actually lost and not edited out deliberately?

For all we know Fritz Lang looked at this footage in the final film and thought that it was just too complicated, unnecessary, and didn't work with his vision of the film. Now we're going to see a new version with these sections in which make a different view of the film, not Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

Even if he had planned to incorporate them, is it still Lang's film?

I had thought I'd heard this story before, but I can't find anything on it. According to SciFi.com the footage was found by staff from the Argentinian museum Museo del Cine Pablo C. Ducros Hicken, and comes to about twenty five minutes of sixteen millimetre footage.

Apparently the footage consists of:

“The newly discovered scenes include the character of Georgy in his "reduced" state, a character named Slim and his transformation into an apocalypse-preaching monk and a car journey through the city of Metropolis.”

The rights to the original Metropolis film are held by the Murnau Foundation who are planning to incorporate the new scenes into a new restored version of the film.

Interestingly this comes at a time when there's a remake being planned, I wonder if that will help this new release along too. Time it right and there could be a lot of opportunity in there.



Hm, there have been numerous cuts of Metropolis, I have seen two.

There have also been several abortive attempts at remaking it. This is one remake I would actually like to see, if it is done right.

I've also since discovered, thanks trovster, that the film that has been discovered is supposedly an entire print. That does make it a little more likely that it could be Lang's, but still there's the doubt.

I agree Morbius, who knows which cut is his any longer. Is that right then, or does it not really matter?


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