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Mirrors red band trailer online

Mirrors.jpgThere's a new red band trailer for the Alexandre Aja directed and Keifer Sutherland starrer Mirrors is online and it's looking very cool and very frightening.

This is my definition of a red band trailer. It's got just the right amount of scare and gore in it, and there's enough to freak you out.

Could this actually be a 24 typecast breaker for Keifer Sutherland? Looking at this new trailer you might think it is, although it's difficult to look at Sutherland without think of Jack from 24, it does seem as though he's making a concerted effort to push away from that character.

What better way to do that than to star in an Alexandre Aja directed horror film? Sure in Mirrors he's playing a cop, but I think that part quickly disappears.

Have a look at the new trailer which I discovered while searching for an alternative to the theatrical trailer that MTV were playing only to their U.S. audience (as usual) through Bloody Disgusting.

A bit freaked out? That jaw grab really hit me, and the burning man felt like a scare out of Hellraiser...very good.



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