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More Charlie's Angels?

LucyLiu.jpgPreviously on Filmstalker we heard that Drew Barrymore would be keen to return to the Charlie's Angels films and now we're hearing positive comments from Lucy Liu who previously was never keen on the idea.

Two down, one to go. Could we see another Charlie's Angels film?

Back in August 2006 the singer and fledgling actress Pink said Drew Barrymore had asked her about returning to the series, and she hit the nail right on the head when she said:

"It's early days, but we know that while the critics hated it, the fans love them girls. I hope that I get to play my role as a bad girl"

Of course Pink had a short role in the second film, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and since she's appeared in another film Catacombs, so just maybe there's something in it.

The older story aside, Lucy Liu has never been up for a third film, but this is a definite positive comment from her through WENN and IMDB:

“I do (see Diaz and Barrymore). All the time. I'd love to do another Charlie's Angels film. That would be so much fun.”

Now considering she was never positive about it before, that's a big shift.

Pink is right though, critics hated the second film and weren't so keen on the first, but I have to say that entertainment wise they are both great. The first one is undoubtedly better as the second is filled with some ropey effects and poorly filmed action scenes, but overall it's still a great deal of fun with some great appearances from other stars.

One of the successes of the film are these three actresses and the chemistry they show together on screen. They look like a team, like friends, and they most definitely do look like they are having fun and that pours through the screen.

Personally I'd love to see another one, just made a little better than the previous. Now all we need is Cameron Diaz.



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