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Multiple new Terminators?

RolandKickinger.jpgThe replacement for Arnold Schwarzenegger has been chosen and he'll be in the new Terminator Salvation film as a Terminator. Not only is his replacement a body builder himself and trained with Arnie, but he also won Mr. Universe and has played the great man in a film.

Roland Kickinger played Arnie in the 2005 biographical film See Arnold Run, but now he's taking up Arnie's most iconic role to date, that of the T-800 in Terminator. However that does raise an interesting question, just how many Terminators are we going to be seeing in this new film?

Roland Kickinger has revealed in an interview that he will be playing the iconic Terminator role in Termintor Salvation:

"There's a very strong scene in the film where John Connor for the first time meets the Terminator, and he doesn't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy...It's Arnold's character in the first Terminator. That's basically my role, but 20 years before, so it establishes how the Terminator [came] about."

The comment comes from Clinton News Record, where they have a great interview with Kickinger about his life, through AICN

I wonder actually if he will be playing the Terminator straight away or not? I'll leave that one hanging and come back to it in a little while.

It does raise the question of just how many Terminators we're going to see, because all the SkyNet machines to the side, you know the ones like the tanks and the flying gunships, etc. This film is already suggesting there may be multiple humanoid Terminators.

I showed you a couple of stills of the humanoid with the infamous red eyes and a chaingun on one arm, well now we're talking about the T-800 and...

Hold on, quick potential spoiler alert. I'm going to warn you that the following is conjecture based on rumours and reveals throughout the early press releases and it may just be spoiler territory. Wasted enough space to let you turn away? Good, I'll continue.

...then there's the Sam Worthington character who is going to be a questionable character to John Connor and there have been several hints that he's going to be a Terminator himself, at one stage being called the Arnie replacement in the previous reveal.

Then there's the other rumour that came out about SkyNet using human brains in their early Terminators, now couple that with the images caught of that humanoid Terminator looking down on a pit where we see one person climbing to try and escape, and we could just be looking at another type of Terminator, one of machine merged with human.

Could that be an early type of Terminator that SkyNet experiments with, find doesn't truly work, and goes to the Arnie model? Perhaps the Worthington character is a human SkyNet mix who has to befriend and kill Connor but whom Connor manages to win over by appealing to the human side? - Okay this is complete conjecture, but still, it's an idea.

Then with SkyNet dropping that program they decide to build just straight machines, and along comes the Arnie T-800? Maybe Kickinger will be playing the first Terminator-human mix that works and as the model progresses they move to pure machine, or maybe he's just the human that SkyNet use to make the next Terminator.

Who knows, but from what he's saying about his role it does seem as though there's a lot of doubt in Connor's mind as to whether he's a Terminator or not, and if you think how many times Connor has met a Terminator that looks like Arnie then you'd have to think he'd know by then.

That to me says that the first appearance of Kickinger isn't perhaps as the Terminator, and maybe just as a human.

Well that's just me pulling together previous reports and guessing.



I'm getting confused by all this.

You are? I'm confusing myself!

I just hope there's no joining of humans and terminators, I can't really see that working.

The other thing is this is a quick leap to the T-800 if it appears. The film doesn't look that far in the future from the third and already they are producing T-800's?


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