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Mummy franchise to continue?

TheMummy3.jpgIt’s no surprise that the latest Mummy film, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, is trying to restart the franchise for more films, particularly as it seems to be bringing the young character up to the fore to take over from the lead.

Despite the change in location, villain and lead actress it really does look like this third Mummy film could manage to continue the trend of the previous two, but with such big changes itself can it hand over to another franchise?

It's been attempted a number of times in other franchises, most notably twice with Indiana Jones, where the established leading actor and character look to be replaced by a younger lead to try and take the franchise forward for a younger audience.

However with the Mummy franchise it's a little early for this kind of move, after all they've only had two successful films and this third one has yet to come out, and there's a lot that the third film has to do to win over audiences.

Having replaced Rachel Weisz with Maria Bello for the same character, and uprooted the Mummy franchise to China, where there aren't really Mummy's in the same sense of the word, and replaced them with a Terracotta army, and the Arab protectors with Chinese martial artists (although to be fair I'm much happier with Michelle Yeoh over Oded Fehr – no offense meant, I'm a red blooded male after all!), there's a lot of ground for the third instalment to make up with fans.

Not only have they to win the audience over with all that, but they're trying to hand the franchise over to another leading character and actor and possibly have it move from location to location – unless there's going to be more Chinese Mummy stories.

Frankly I think it has far too much to do and could really do without the hassle of the handover. However word is that the film really does concentrate on the son of Rick O'Connell, played by Brendan Fraser, and he is merely there as the support and transition character.

Now before I tell you the reason for all this talk of a new franchise, I have to remind you that when actors are signed up to lead potential franchises there are clauses already in their contract from day one for a trilogy. It happens for films that never stretch past one. It's so if the first is successful and the studio go to make a second and third that they have the leading actors ready to go, albeit with scheduling conflicts.

So the news that the young star of the film Luke Ford, playing Alex O'Connell, has a contract for three films isn't really that surprising is it? Perhaps not, but the fact that the studio are contemplating three more films with him as the lead is.

The news comes from Bloody Disgusting, and it could well be! We shall have to see how the first film performs, as they quite rightly say, but we do. If that film doesn't do well then we won't see any more for a while, if ever.

Personally I do wonder if they are trying to do too much in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and it's going to lose sight of the first two.



Remember the good ol' days when studios would make just one good movie or at most a good trilogy? The days before all this greedy, hyper-franchising took place?

Man, I miss those days.

I hear you. They're a long time gone, or at least they are there if you turn away from mainstream Hollywood and look around a bit more carefully.

They're a lot easier to find if you don't mind subtitles too.


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