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Murphy wants Beverly Hills Cop 4 done right

EddieMurphy.jpgEddie Murphy is saying that he wants Beverly Hills Cop 4 done just right, otherwise he's not doing it. Strange since I thought it was going ahead anyway.

Well does doing it right mean that it's geared towards adults, and unlike the third film, that it's not just for the paycheck? Well here's hoping, according to Murphy's comments he's certainly wanting to keep it that way.

Despite the back and forth about the intending viewers, Eddie Murphy seems pretty adamant that Beverly Hills Cop 4 will not just be for the money and that it'll be done right.

"All I know is that it’s gonna be something that’s special. I’m not doing just, hey give me some big check and I go off [does the Foley laugh] and shoot the gun and jump over cars...Like, that’s some [Expletive removed]. If I do it, it’s gonna be some [Expletive removed] that’s right!...

...I ain’t seen no script yet [but] I’m not rolling out Beverly Hills Cop 4 for it to be a continuation of Beverly Hills Cop III, which was a crock of [Expletive removed]...I wanna do a good one!"

Well I'm not sure how comforting those comments through MTV are, but it doesn't look like he wants to sell out on this film.

However with talk of him retiring, this possibly being his last film, and a string of rubbish, same as the last films behind him, I'm wondering if his heart really will be in it or if he's just cashing in on the revival of all those successful franchises from back then.

I don't know, but it does sound like it's following on from the revivals, and Murphy hasn't shown that he still has the comic timing to pull off the character, not from going on his so called comedies he's been doing on film for the last long while.



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