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New RoboCop R rated

RoboCop.jpgFor those of use worried that the new RoboCop film could be made with a child friendly audience in mind, worry not. It looks like the plan is to stick to the original films, when it comes to levels of violence anyway. Nice.

The new film sounds better all the time, a decent director and no watering down. Could turn out alright.

One of the producers of the new RoboCop, who also worked on the original, Mike Medavoy, told MTV Movies Blog that the plan was to go for an R rated film.

Well I was involved with the original Robocop, and it was an R, and the likelihood is that this will be an R. It’s likely to be an R unless the director cuts back on some of it.

Let's hope Darren Aronofsky doesn't. A child friendly RoboCop would be laughable. It doesn't look like they plan to film with 3-D in mind either, with Medavoy saying:

I don’t think that’s even come up.

Medavoy and one of his fellow producers, say that the reimagining as they call it will stand on it's own and not be linked to the previous films. He also told MTV Movie News the reason for making a new film, and why now.

The themes of machines and technology, for instance, that's certainly become even more prevalent today in terms of man giving up certain things to his creations and his technology and his reliance to that. It's pretty provocative stuff. You've got people today with all kinds of different implants and mechanical implants. Where does that person become no longer human? After the first one? After 50 percent of the brain gets replaced? A lot of the themes that we dealt with in the original are still very interesting to us

So what do you think, feeling any better about a reimagined RoboCop? Do you agree with the reasons for returning to the character?



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