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New Russian Mutant Chronicles trailer online

TheMutantChronicles_Poster.jpgYes already there's a new Mutant Chronicles trailer online, and this one has tons more footage than the previous one, and it's in Russian.

The trailer tells a lot more of the story and has a lot more of the mutants in there, as well as a lot of shots that come from the action sequences in the film, and this one makes me feel a lot more interested.

Quiet Earth [QT:Embed] have the trailer and it looks a lot better.

Saying that there's still that Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow look to the effects, but this gives us more of the real actors and makes me feel a little more comfortable about it. There's even a short shot of Sean Pertwee there...aww come on, he's great on screen!



I like it.

But I fail to see how it has that "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" look to the effects... they didn't have those type of effects. You people need to stop comparing it to that film.

"You people"?!

You might not be able to see it, but I can. That comic/painted style to the backdrops looks just like the stylistic effect over the shots in Sky Captain.


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