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New Terminator revealed in photos!

TerminatorEndo.jpgThese are the first shots of the Terminator in the new Terminator Salvation film, and they're looking pretty interesting. I have full screen high definition captures of a possible early model Terminator and the Terminator tank from the new trailer.

They look pretty good, but the humaoid shape of the Terminator leads me to believe that the early plot reveal that we heard is perhaps true. Have a look for yourself.

You can see from below that the humanoid is carrying a huge chain gun which looks like it's built into him, and the famous red eyes are right there. They actually look best in the second photo where it's far in the background and ready to shoot the guy trying to climb to safety.

Here are the small versions of the shots, and if you select them you'll see them on Flickr where you can look at them in full size 720p screen captures.




What do you think? Now I really do believe that old plot reveal that we heard about before. Back then I did think it was rubbish but actually looking at it now I'm starting to think they are right, are they using humans in a rather unusual way? A way that didn't prove to work in the end hence the Terminators we all know and love?

We might have to wait for Terminator Salvation to come out, or at least for more footage.



The trailer does have that creepy vibe, which is great because that's what these films should have. That terminator with the chain gun gives me the creeps, just the way it is just standing there with those menacing eyes. The terminator at the end looks like an advanced T-1 from Terminator 3, and even that gives me the creeps.

I want to see more! I've probably watched the trailer over five times now actually, if I'm honest. This teaser has certainly teased me.

As for plot, who knows? I read earlier today that Shield creator Shawn Ryan was baught in to do some re-writes on the script and he says:

'I'd spend the days in Albuquerque talking about what needed to be changed and I'd go to my hotel room and sort of write all night, until like 4 in the morning. So we did a lot of work and then I had to come back because of TV commitments and I think they've subsequently brought in one or two other writers to continue the work. So I don't know what will be there.'

Also Terminator Salvation producer James Middleton says:

'The ending is really important and there are only a few people that really know the ending'

I guess we'll just have to wait and see Richard. One year to go...


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