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Nightmare on Elm Street remake gains writer

FreddyKruger.jpgThe Nightmare on Elm Street remake is moving forward as a writer has just been assigned to what is being described as a relaunch of the series, not a remake.

Since it's just starting to be written there aren't a lot of details known about it just yet, but there is a little information on the general tone of the new film, and frankly it still sounds like a remake.

Wesley Strick is the writer who has been hired to write the new A Nightmare on Elm Street film which will, hopefully for the studios involved, relaunch the series and make it a money earner.

The film will continue to centre on the Freddy Krueger character, and it will still retain the high school setting. However this one is supposed to be delving deeper into the psychology of the nightmares and the character himself, and more importantly it is to have a much darker tone.

Well those words from The Hollywood Reporter through Bloody Disgusting all sound great, but we really have to hope that they don't just remake it without considering the original and those fans. Still, we have to realise it needs to be updated.

That seems to have some backing as we hear that Strick previously wrote Cape Fear, The Saint, Wolf and Doom, to name but a few, now think about Cape Fear and consider that level of tension in the remake.



This is James Gilks (owner of SerialKillerCalendar.com). Let me start by saying that I love Robert Englund. He is a talented actor and a treasure to the horror industry. That said, I really hope that he is not cast as Freddy in the new Nightmare on Elm St remake. I understand that this is practically blasphemy in the horror fan community. It is tantamount to saying that Hellraiser 1 was slow and poorly made (which it is but thats another story). The truth is that Freddy Kruger has the potential to be one of the most terrifying and truly lasting characters in horror movie history. He is a serial killer pedophile with knifes for fingers that can get to you at your most vulnerable (when your sleeping). This is pure nightmare fuel (no pun intended) and put in the right hands, this franchise could be reborn as something extremely horrific that will stand the test of time. Now, Robert Englund brings a great humor to the role and helps to dull the edge of the atrocities on the screen. I love this and the original Nightmare on Elm St series is one of my favorites. But is that really what we want? Do we truly need the horror and sheer disturbingness of this character desensitized by one liners and cheep visual gags. I honestly don’t think we do. I am hoping for a gritty, in your face realism that paints Freddy as the monster he really is. I think we would be far more impacted if the film makers drew their inspiration from real life pedophile serial killers such as Albert Fish, Peter Kurten or Carl Panzram. What we need now, in these cold and uncaring times, is a Freddy Kruger that doesn’t pull any punches. We need truly dark and devious creature who can transform our once terrifying bogyman in to something that will really give us nightmares. And, unfortunately, I just don’t think Robert Englund (who I mean no offense to) can bring us this.

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