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One Minute to Midnight nuclear crisis film

OneMinutetoMidnight.jpgOne Minute to Midnight is a film which is being adapted from the novel by Michael Dobbs, One Minute To Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev And Castro On The Brink Of Nuclear War (Play.com / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). It tells the story of the pilot of the U.S. spy plane that apparently went off course and flew over Russian air space at the height of the Cuban missile crisis.

At the time Russia went on high alert and scrambled their air force ready to not only shoot the plane down when it came within range, but also to retaliate for any attack from America.

It was a terrible time for the world, and saying that really is no exaggeration, we were at the brink of a nuclear war and this could have been the final incident that pushed everything over the edge.

The spy plane had, apparently, veered off course and accidentally travelled over Russian air space. Before the pilot knew where he was it was too late and the Russian forces were on full alert.

The spy plane was flying well above the Russian fighters and was running low on fuel, so the pilot had to struggle to get it out of Russian air space before it came in range of the Russian fighters and was shot down, for that would really have sparked off the war.

Meanwhile the whole Cuban Missile Crisis is spiralling out of control, and the two superpower leaders have to resolve it before one of them is forced to escalate too far.

It's a story that was told in the excellent Kevin Costner film Thirteen Days, but in this treatment we could be seeing the focus turned on the events surrounding the spy plane itself.

That might make for an interesting film because it would concentrate on the lone pilot, although I suspect it won't be able to stay away from the tension packed offices of the two superpower leaders.

According to a Variety story through Digital Spy one of the producers of the film says of the book:

“Buried in that book is this white-knuckle four-hour flight that frames out the most dangerous moment in the history of the world. As Fidel Castro was trying to convince Khrushchev to let these missiles fly, this pilot is [initially] unaware he's flown off course.

The Soviets think they're being attacked and get their bombers up to 50,000 feet. The plane [is about to run] out of gas, and this pilot has to get out of the Soviet Union before his plane drops down to where those Soviet planes are waiting for him.”

Now that sounds like one hell of a story, and all the more thrilling because it's true. Have you seen Thirteen Days? Do you think this will make another great story from those terrible days in history? I certainly think we haven't seen enough of this in film.



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