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Outlander trailer online

Outlander.jpgThe trailer has arrived for Outlander, the film about an alien hunting humanoid alien who crashes onto Earth during the Viking era and has to rally the Vikings around him to help capture and kill the deadly alien which is set on destroying them all.

Predator with Vikings. It stars James Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman and surprisingly John Hurt all star in the film, and you can see them all in the following first release trailer.

Actually Outlander looks pretty good. Nothing earth shattering, kind of Predator meets Beowulf, but the effects look strong. I'm just a bit concerned that we've seen so much of the creature already.

One of the cool aspects being pitched by the trailer is that to defeat the alien creature the Vikings and the alien hunter fight together using the alien technology merged with that of the Viking steel.

Sounds more effects and action driven than anything, but it might capture some cool moments. Here's the trailer which I found through LateMag:

I hope it does have more to offer than the trailer suggests.



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