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Papillon remake

Papillon.jpgThe classic Papillon is next up for the remake treatment, although no director or writer are attached, the project has been announced, location found, and tax breaks in place.

Papillon was a superb film from back in 1973 starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman that was based on the true story of Henri Charriere who was a small time criminal locked up in a French island prison, determined to escape.

He attempted to escape time and time again, despite recaptures, time in solitary confinement, and his age, he never gave up hope of escape.

The remake of Papillon will be a joint production between Spanish production company Atlantia Canarias and L.A. producers Branko Lustig and John Kelly with the remake being filmed in the Canary islands.

According to Variety the film will be in English and carry a USD 90 million budget.

Interestingly there are two new sound stages being built for the production by a collaboration between Atlantia and the Canary Islands government, and these will be used for the production.

The original is a great film which features two very engaging performances from Hoffman and McQueen. I wonder if they're going to find two as iconic figures for this remake?



You forgot something, they also bougth the rigths to make the sequel.
so they are not only gonna make a remake but also its sequel, they could do the sequel alone instead of the ramake+sequel but after 30 years that wont make any sense.
I guess most people are worried about this film becuase its a classic movie but Im really exited becuase I live in the Canary islands and is one of the beautifulest places in the world.

Cheers Rayco, I missed that one.

So they could leap straight to a sequel? I actually think they'll remake the film because the original is so far out of the current general audience's mind that they'll get away with it, and a sequel to their modern remake would fit much better.

I'm not sure modern audiences would go for a remake of this and if they were looking to make an all appealing block buster, they'd have to change a fair bit of the story and I'm not on board with that. Not one bit. Disappointing.

You can just see this being heavily influenced by Prison Break and 24 type shows and just turning into an action fest.

some remakes should be illegal.


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