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Philip Noyce to Direct "Salt"

PhilipNoyce.jpgPhilip Noyce is close to agreeing to direct Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt. Peter Berg was the last director mentioned for the project, but now spy master Noyce could be the man.

Philip Noyce directing a spy thriller, nice. Having directed a few of the Jack Ryan films it should be something special.

Tom Cruise and Philip Noyce were going to be teaming up for The 28th Amendment. Cruise will be playing the US President, who finds out that the country is actually controlled by a secret organisation. But it looks like they might be putting Edwin A. Salt first in line.

Variety say that although neither of them are firmly committed, Cruise has stuck with the project for a while. The film has a CIA agent being accused of being a Russian sleeper spy, he has to evade capture long enough to clear his name. Noyce is no stranger to spy films, having directed Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. Sounds like a partnership that might work, what do you think?



I just revisited the Jack Ryan films recently and the ones you mentioned which Noyce directed alongside The Hunt for Red October are easily my favorites. This should be a good collaboraton.

Louise, for somebody who is not very impressed with Tom Cruise like you mentioned in your last post, you have written 2 news items on him in a matter of 2 days! Most impressive!

Yeah I forgot about Hunt for Red October, that's a great film.

I just realised that myself. Never let it be said I'm not fair! As long as he's not jumping on couches...

I think he's a great actor when he's challenged - look at Collateral as the most recent example.

I think Cruise has calmed down now, he hasn't been annoying most people recently, not that the jumping couch incident really bothered me.

Oh, can I just say again how much I appreciate the film news guys, I really dont bother checking anywhere else anymore, all my film updates are brought to me by Filmstalker so may not be posting just as much, but I am always here, stalking!

Thanks Simone, that's really appreciated and I'm glad we're your one stop shop! Sometimes it seems as though the regulars who started along with me are thin on the ground these days.

I resemble that remark. :)

Filmstalker's still my only movie stop, too, and I'm always around. Just not always very vocal.


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