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Pitt and DiCaprio for Inglorious Bastards

BradPitt.jpgSeems that the rumour about Quentin Tarantino looking to Brad Pitt for a leading role in Inglorious Bastards could well be true, and what's more he's also after Leonardo DiCaprio too.

While Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein is meeting with studios to look for a worldwide financing and distribution partner, they're using two big names to gather some momentum, the possible casting of Pitt and DiCaprio.

According to rumour Quentin Tarantino was meeting Brad Pitt in France on Tuesday to discuss the role, and according to Variety that went ahead and the expectation is that he will take the lead role of Aldo Raine – check that in the script that you might have managed to download. Now the next rumour is that Tarantino is meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio on Thursday to discuss another lead role, that of Hans Landa, again check the script - Hans Landa? Why am I thinking of Star Wars all of a sudden?

These are two big names who would really help the project gather momentum. Not quite as interesting as the names some (including me) had hoped for in Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone, but you never know, there are still roles there yet.

I do think that Pitt is a good choice for a Tarantino film, especially one that is being touted as being so strong and typical Tarantino, and alongside DiCaprio in a tough and clever World War II film? Fantastic stuff surely?



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