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Quantum of Solace game trailer online

QuantumofSolace.jpgThe trailer for the new Bond videogame is online, and it looks pretty good. You can see it right here…yeah, it's a day filled with dull news, but I kinda like this.

The game is based on the Call of Duty 4 engine it looks to have some great features to it and a pretty keen likeness for Daniel Craig as well as a very usable environment.

I know it's a videogame, but it is based on the next hugely anticipated Bond film starring our latest and greatest Bond lead, Daniel Craig. Quantum of Solace has a lot to live up to from Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) and already is looking like it will.

In the Bond videogame department Quantum of Solace has a lot to live up to from GoldenEye, which I do believe is one of the best Bond videogames there's ever been. So could this live up to it and even beat it?

Well of course it will with the graphics, but it's the gameplay I'm interested in, and just recreating games such as Call of Duty and Rainbow Six will not be enough - that reminds me of another Bond film!

The question is will it give enough Bond feel or just be a first person shooter with a Craig lookalike out front?

Here's the trailer through Joystiq:



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