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Quarantine trailer online

Quarantine.jpgThe trailer for Quarantine, the Hollywood remake of [REC] has arrived online and it plays out pretty well. Now I've not seen the original film so I can't make a comparison, but from what I'm told, trailer wise, it looks almost identical.

On that vein, I believe it may be identical in showing the last few scenes of the film in the trailer too, and if not it's showing what could be just about every death in the film!

Mind you, never mind, I think that same closing scene is on the poster too! Idiotic marketing and trailer people.

The story for Quarantine goes like this, a television reporter, played by Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter fame, is following a Los Angeles fire crew on night shift when they get a call out to an apartment building. When they get there officers are already on scene and investigating terrifying screams coming from an apartment.

A group enter to investigate with the camera crew following close behind, there's confusion as a couple of them are attacked by some wild person inside the room, and as time goes on they realise that there's something very wrong with some of the residents of the building, and that they are all in mortal danger.

When they try to leave the building, with as many residents as they can find, they discover that the building is in the process of being sealed, i.e. Quarantined, to ensure that no one gets out alive and infects the general population.

The trailer does look great, but then remember that it is almost a direct remake of the original film [REC]. Still there's some good cast to be had, there's Carpenter, Rade Serbedzija, Greg Germann and Jay Hernandez.

Have a look at the trailer below from the superb Quiet Earth, and if you've seen [REC] I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are.



Having seen [REC] this looks like quite a faithful adaptation. My only comments are:

a) it looks too slick, the original's picture was more grainy and thus felt more authentic

b) the trailer gives way too much away!

Thanks for that Oliver, would you say that A is a positive or negative? Is it better for looking slicker?

Oh yeah, I agree, like most Hollywood trailers it gives far too much away!

Wow, I can't believe quite how spoilerific that trailer really is.

It does like like a faithful adaptation - it's not quite shot for shot, as I'd heard.

The problem with [REC] though, is that once you've seen [REC] you can never watch it again for the first time. It's one of those films. Which makes the remake essentially pointless for anyone who's seen the original.

You ought to pick the original up Richard - there's a Spanish Bluray on the way, if you're that way inclined ;)

That way inclined? Oh yes I am! A Blu-ray version would be fab, although I have to say with the handheld footage quality I think Blu-ray would be an overkill, I'd be quite happy with an upscaled DVD. I might go out and get that now!

I liked the grainy quality of the original. As the film is meant to be a camera crew's take on a night's events, if the picture looks too crisp it takes away from that sense of reality. (Cloverfield did this pretty well)

Have to agree with Dan that it does look pointless for anyone who has seen the original. But in Quarantine's favour, [REC] didn't get a big release and (mass generalisation here) a large proportion of the cinema-going audience aren't going to see a sub-titled Spanish horror movie. However, they will go and see a horror film starring "that chick from Dexter".

Do yourself a favour and watch the original! ;-)

Don't get me wrong Oliver, I was saying that positively about the grainy quality.

You're totally right, and I do try and see originals before the remakes, and this will be no exception.


Wow, this is like watching the two versions of FUNNY GAMES back to back. Nearly a shot for shot remake in a different language. That trailer is super, super spoilerific.

Must admit, I didn't like the actress playing the reporter as much from the trailer as the sprightly Spanish actress.

(And the creature (show in the trailer? WTF? looks way less disgusting than in the Spanish version).

Also, who puts the 'closing shot of the film' in trailer? Just asking.

Hey Kurt - is it actually the closing shot then? If it is that's another in a long line of trailers that are just raping the film of footage and not caring about actually teasing anything.


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