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Red trailer online

BrianCox.jpgThe trailer for Red is online. Written by the excellent writer Stephen Susco and directed by both Trygve Allister Diesen and Lucky McKee, the film sees Brian Cox delivering a superb performance as a quiet man living a quiet life who's dog is murdered by some teenage kids. Of course he's none too happy about it and sets off to see if he and his dog can find some justice, justice that no one seems prepared to hand out.

It's a fantastic story and the film is excellent, I'd recommend checking out the non-spoiler Filmstalker review from the Edinburgh Film Festival. However I would recommend not watching this trailer, and I really do mean that.

Now why would I recommend not watching a trailer for a film that I really enjoyed? Well because it shows you scenes from key moments throughout the film, and while that's usually quite critical in getting the story across in a trailer, it's not when it doesn't stop and goes right through to the end.

I understand the desire to make the trailer exciting and gather an audience, but after the first half it seems like it goes off track from the feel of the actual film, and then we start seeing some key scenes from the ending which not only show some character fates but also show the lead character, brilliantly played by Brian Cox, in a slightly different light from the way you should see him outside of the cinema.

I can't say any more without spoiling the story, and I'm keen to see what Stephen Susco himself thinks of the trailer – I might drop a comment on his blog, or why don't you and ask him yourself? - but if you really want to see a completely spoiler filled trailer for such a great film, then here's your chance.

The trailer for Red is over at Apple Trailers [iPod:M:480p:720p:1080p] and for the final time I would urge you not to watch it, or at least watch it half way and switch it off, it's far too filled with spoilers. Instead read the Filmstalker review and watch the film in the cinema.



Totally agree with you, buddy -- the trailer is WAY too spoiler-ific.

Welcome to Filmstalker Mr Susco. Are you posting the photos you took at EIFF anywhere?

So I take it you have no control over the trailer? That's something that's always interested me, who makes them and who has the say about what goes in and what goes out - is it all the studio and the marketing team?


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