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Repo Man sequel - Repo Girl?

RepoMan.jpgThere's going to be a sequel to Repo Man apparently, you know the cult film from Alex Cox that starred Emilio Estevez? Well this one comes from the writer/director of the original, Cox himself, but there's a major change to the story. It's called Repo Girl.

I'm not someone who feels that precious about Repo Man, but I know that there are those who do. I wonder if it's such a big change to them?

Alex Cox, who wrote and directed the original, has completed the screenplay for this new version and confirmed to Screen Daily that the original cast members of Emilio Estevez or Harry Dean Stanton will not appear in this verson but some of the other cast members from the original Repo Man will be returning.

He goes onto say that the time for such a film is perfect, with the credit crunch (obvoioudly not a recession!) and repossessions at an all time high in the US across all types of property, the story will have a lot to work with. However why the change to a woman, or rather Girl, I'm not sure, hopefully there's some dramatic plot reason for it and not just because last time it was a man and this would be different. Now don't start shouting at me for being sexist, I'd rather it was Repo Woman than Repo Girl!

Cox goes onto talk about a new project called The Briefcase, which he says is secret but will annoy all the right people. Now if I was to take a guess at teh subject matter, I could say that it's something to do with Goverment secrets being lost. That definitely sounds like a Cox film to me.



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