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RoboCop remake revealed

RoboCop.jpgMGM, the studio behind the RoboCop franchise, has revealed it's intention to remake RoboCop. Yes this isn't a sequel or prequel, it is a complete remake.

The studio has released a leaflet looking for franchise partners to help finance the film that is due out sometime around 2010, and in it they are very clear about their intentions.

“...MGM is reinventing its premier Sci-Fi movie franchise and has begun development of a big budget re-make for 2010 which will create a merchandising opportunity for a whole new generation of RoboCop fans.”

Is the exact wording from the leaflet that is entitled...

“Dead or alive, you're coming with us. Partner up with an unstoppable franchise”

..and can be seen over at SciFiUpdates. The leaflet even has contact details if you want to get in on the franchise deal, although I think Filmstalker is a little small for them!

We already knew that this was happening but what it does show us is that MGM are serious about this RoboCop film and they are going big budget, and I like that idea. However I wish they weren't going for a remake, I don't know if that will sit well with original fans.

Why not say that the original program was scrapped after all the trouble, set it way in the future when they think they've got all the issues ironed out, and do something a little different?



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