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Rocky Horror Picture Show to be remade

RockyHorrorPictureShow.jpgI would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey...As if enough cult classic films weren't being shoved through the meat grinder of Hollywood's remake machine, they've now decided to pick on the classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a film whose sequel from the original talents couldn't even touch on its success.

However the remake machine is rolling and the production company behind it is also ringing alarm bells, MTV.

The 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show has grossed over US $140 million in U.S. alone after it was adapted from the stage play by Richard O'Brien, a show which still plays to audiences all over the world and packs them out too.

This is a true cult classic because not only is the DVD bought en mass, but the stage show does so well, and the film receives special screenings where audience members go dressed up as their favourite character and participate in the viewing of the film. Even the latest DVD releases have the audience partici...pation track on there – that was a little one for the Rocky Horror fans reading this.

Me, I love the film and after a few drinks I'm more than happy to put it on and sing my way through the film, particularly the opening title track and Sweet Transvestite, but hey, that's just me.

Incredibly my Mum loves the Time Warp and she was very excited at the thought of dancing to it with me at my wedding, however illness intervened.

So you can see the film touches all ages. The story is strange to say the least, so if you haven't seen it, don't let any blurbs put you off and go see it anyway. A couple are lost one stormy night and get a puncture in their car, having just seen a castle a few miles back down the road they wander back to see if they can get help.

The stumble across a big party where a strange man is hosting an even where he plans to bring to life a creature he has made called Rocky. However bizarre that may seem, the truth about who this person is and what is in store for them is even stranger.

The film was made in 1975 and stars Tim Curry giving an utterly fabulous performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as the lost couple, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell as the Doctor's sidekicks, and Charles Gray as the narrator of the story. There are even appearances from Meat Loaf and Christopher Biggins.

It's a cracking film, really, and a lot of fun. So the news of the remake has saddened me to the core. Even the creator Richard O'Brien and the Director Jim Sharman couldn't achieve the success when they tried a sequel(ish) called Shock Treatment.

Variety through Coming Soon reports that MTV are behind a remake with an original producer in the form of Lou Adler, BermanBraun and Fox Television producing.

There's no other news apart from the announcement and the hope of Adler that they'll see it a year from this Halloween.

Well that might be apt in so many ways. Personally I can't see Tim Curry's wonderful performance being topped, and I just don't see that magic happening again. I'm more than happy to stick with the original.

Do you really want to see a remake of this classic, and if they do, who could possibly take on Curry's superb Frank-N-Furter? It's astounding.



I may cry.

Oh the humanity!!!!

Remake = very bad and evil!


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