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Rodriguez and McGowan split

RoseMcGowan.jpgWord is Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan have split up, so what I hear you cry. To be honest that would normally be my reaction too. However these two have a few projects that were planned to be done together, what happens now?

With three films planned together, this split could leave a few actresses rubbing their hands in glee.

Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan have made a point of mixing business with pleasure since meeting on the set of Grindhouse. Rodriguez was trying to get Barbarella remade with McGowan in the star role, Women in Chains starring her in a violent prison drama and not forgetting the recently announced Red Sonja, in which the star role had her name written all over it.

The New York Post through Cinematical, say that the trouble Rodriguez had getting Barbarella off the ground could be the reason for going their separate ways. The studio wanted a bigger box office star for the film. All that is gossip, which isn't really any of our business I guess. But it does leave potentially three roles open, anyone else you'd like to see as Barbarella? Is there a bigger box office star who could pull off Red Sonja?



Oh I was about to leap on that post and say "we don't do gossip!". However aside from the reasons they've split, which are of course private and between them, it is an interesting point that they are working on quite a few projects together.

Unless it's amicable then I can see Barbarella struggling, but perhaps Red Sonja will keep going, after all he's only the producer, a role which could be done away from the star.


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