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Romero directing Timecrimes remake?

TimeCrimes.jpgI was lucky enough to see Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, and it was a very good film, you can read more of that on the review. So I was rather dismayed at hearing that it was going to be heading for a remake.

Now I'm even more dismayed because it could well be heading for the hands of George A. Romero, the man of a multitude of poor zombie films behind him. Yes, I'm sorry Romero fans, but he hasn't exactly set the world alight of late.

The original is a great film, it's very clever, engaging throughout and manages to keep the tension and surprises coming. What I loved best about it is that it keeps the focus narrow on such a potentially huge story.

Now that it's going for the standard foreign film done well remake, I'm less than impressed and with George A. Romero, the man who brought us Diary of the Dead (Filmstalker review), a poor, stock, and half explored idea of a film, in line to direct I can't see this being very good.

Saying that though the rumour seems to be rather confused. Twitch through HorrorMovies.ca are saying that at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival he said he was attached to remake the film, but they are now saying that those in the know are saying that no one is attached.

Seems that either Romero is speaking before something is fully agreed, or the people behind the scenes are trying to keep it a secret. Whatever the outcome I really don't think George A. Romero is a good choice to remake this very strong film. I really do hope that Romero doesn't go near it. In fact I really don't want to see a remake of this at all.



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