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Russian 12 Angry Men remake trailer online

12.jpgYou know we harp on about Hollywood remaking great films, but here's the ever more western looking Russia remaking one of Hollywood's classic films, and you know what? They're doing it right.

Can you believe that a Russian remake of 12 Angry Men is gathering praise from western critics? Well believe it. 12 is the remake of Sidney Lumet's classic 12 Angry Men, yes the one with Henry Fonda in the lead.

There's no release date for 12 as yet, but we are starting to see some of the film, and the first real look is through this new trailer.

Nikita Mikhalkov co-wrote, Vladimir Moiseyenko and Aleksandr Novototsky were the other co-writers, and directed the film which was one of the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2007 Oscars, was nominated for the Golden Lion at Cannes 2007, and won Best Actor and Best Music for 2007 and 2008 respectively at the Russian Nika Awards. Now that's a good sign indeed.

The trailer speaks for itself though, and it looks great. You can see it over at the cool Row Three [Flash:Embed].

I'm really interested in seeing this, just to see if they have managed to successfully remake such a classic Hollywood film, something that today's Hollywood just couldn't manage to do. Apparently there's a decent amount of change in this version and some strong cinematography, so maybe they have managed.



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