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School of Rock 2: America Rocks begins

SchoolofRock.jpgSchool of Rock is going to get a sequel as the Mike White script finally gets pushed forward by Paramount with Richard Linklater attached to direct once again. Oh, and not to worry, word is that Jack Black is tied into reprise his role as the slightly insane, but very well intentioned, teacher of rock.

This story has a slightly different slant to it though and it does sound that it could be as entertaining as the first film.

Typically you'd think that the studio would just throw the character at another class, well they are, but this time in School of Rock 2: America Rocks Variety through Coming Soon tells us a little more, this time they're on the road and out of the classroom.

The teacher, Dewey Finn, will be taking a group of summer school students on a road trip across country which will explore the roots of all types of music from blues to rap, from country to...well we're just told it's going to be “other genres”, so that could pretty much mean everything.

Does that mean more KISS?! Oh yeah! Rock on! Oh come on, School of Rock was fun, admit it!



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