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Scream 4 a restart?

Scream.jpgI thought I had written about a fourth Scream film some time ago, but I can't find it. However it seems that a press release from a recent Weinstein deal reveals that there's going to be a fourth Scream film, and not only that but it's going to be a restart.

I guess that means that they're beginning the series all over again with new actors and forgetting the old? Does this mean we'll forget everything that's gone before and start totally afresh?

If that's the case then what of the previous characters and actors? Are we just to ignore that ever happened? It's not like it was that long ago really, the first Scream was in 1996 with Scream 3 being from 2000, and we're really talking about restarting the franchise already?

Apparently so as HorrorMovies.ca tells us that they are working on a fourth film in the series and it is most definitely a reboot of the franchise.

I can't believe that they are looking to a film series which finished eight years ago, and only went on for four years, and remaking it already.

What do you think? Fans of the Scream franchise do you think this is a complete travesty, or could you look for something different and perhaps a little more edgy from this? I would imagine those that aren't fans aren't really interested because they'll be expecting more of the same but without the big names.



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