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Sex and the City sequel?

SexandtheCity.jpgFrankly I just can't see the excitement about the Sex and the City film after they just rewound the plot into the middle of the last series and basically played it out again. It's not very intelligent and it's just grabbing fans money without really giving them anything new.

Looks like they're about to do it again too as talk of a sequel film has begun.

HBO's West Coast President Michael Lombardo, who I can see throwing a gang sign as he announces his own title, has revealed that they really are looking into it, after all they fleeced the fans once, why can't they just do it another time?

From The Hollywood Reporter through Reuters:

Lombardo said there is "enormous interest" in doing another "Sex" movie, and that Warner Bros./New Line is working in partnership with HBO to put it together, though he doesn't know how long that might take.

Great. I suppose in Sex and the City 2 we're going to see Carrie and Big married, slightly in the future, and they come across problems and split. Carrie goes over the top, Big does some macho posturing and through lack of communication they stay apart. A few mishaps later, they are brought together with the help of their friends and viola, they're all happy again.

What utter rubbish. Please don't subject us to more of that same storyline. Try something different, and try not to make the film feel like an extended television episode where you feel there are advert breaks coming up.



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