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Sixty Six opening five minutes online

SixtySix.jpgThe first five minutes are online of the British comedy Sixty Six which is also a little biographical, perhaps about us all. Interestingly I'm just seeing more and more mention of this film and yet it saw a release in the UK in November of 2006.

It seems that it's due for a U.S. release soon enough, despite playing at all the festivals on the way to the general audience. The first five minutes look interesting, and there are a couple of interesting stars in Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Marsan and the now very recognisable Catherine Tate.

The only real laugh I had was the football picking scene which really made me think back to school. To be fair though I was never picked after anyone with Polio...mainly because there was no one like that at my school and I was left to do archery by myself...sad...

Anyway you can see the opening minutes here from the Sixty Six Trailer blog - guess that's the marketing site started specially then!

I'd be interested to know who in the UK has seen this already, and moreso who has seen it during it's theatrical release. Really, I'd never heard of this, despite the decent(ish) names.



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