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Skin trailer online

SophieOkonedo.jpgSophie Okonedo, Sam Neill and Alice Krige star in Skin, the film about the true life story of Sandra Laing adapted from the novel by Judith Stone, When She Was White. Laing's story is a trial from the beginning as she was born with dark skin to two white parents in an apartheid South Africa - something a screenwriter couldn't even have imagined.

It sounds a harrowing story, but also a truly engaging and passionate one, and the stars involved suggest that there's something else a little stronger to be expected from the film.

When she was born in 1955 she was classified, and isn't that a terrible term to use towards people, as white. Later, in her childhood, she was reclassified as coloured and then forcibly removed from the school she was attending which was for whites only, despite a court battle to retain her there.

Later in life she started seeing a coloured man and this caused a great rift with her parents, one that caused her to elope, and it was only after the fall of apartheid that she came home to reconcile with her parents.

You can see the trailer for Skin over at The Little Film Company [QT:M] through Movie List Forums.



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