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Sopranos film after all?

TheSopranos.jpgNow the idea of a Sopranos film was pretty much squashed by the creator of the series, but it was given a glimmer of hope when a new idea was suggested, but now HBO, the studio behind the Sopranos has said that they are keen for a film version if David Chase is.

David Chase is the series creator and has already said that he wouldn't do a film unless he got a really good idea for it, something that a month later he seemed to have.

So are we going to see a film of The Sopranos? Will David Chase actually make one? Personally I hope he doesn't unless it continues from the end of the last series and really does finish it all off properly.

The previous idea that David Chase seemed to like was the idea of a prequel when the Sopranos first arrived in America and started building their empire. Great, but doesn't that just sound like every other mob film from that period?

I really hope it isn't that, and let's face it the biggest question for Sopranos fans is what is going to happen after the moment in the restaurant.

However they have to not do what they did with Sex and the City, rewind the story half way through the last series and kick it off again. They also just can't leap into any of the series already done and carry on the story from there because I think that Sopranos fans would be completely incensed by that considering the way the series actually ended.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter through Reuters tells us that Richard Plepler, the co-President of HBO, said:

“Whatever (creator) David (Chase) wants to do. It's totally up to David, and if he wants to do it, we would be delighted.”

Well there's no real push there, they are just leaving the door open for David Chase. So the real question will be if he'll do it, but again I have to say that I can't see fans accepting anything but a continuation from the last scene of the last series, can you?



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