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Stalked: Chopper Zombie, DeVito directs, Children of the Lamp, Sanctuary director

Chopper Zombie comic and film to be made...

Danny DeVito directing kids film...

The children's series Children of the Lamp is to be filmed...

Stephen Susco's script for Sanctuary has gained a director...

The comic book story Chopper Zombie is going to be brought to the big screen. So what you might ask? The story of a motorcycle builder who refuses to sell the new fuel formula he's created to the big corporations, is set on by their cronies, drowned in his own fuel, and returns as a zombie for vengeance?

Well the interesting thing is that Thom Beers, the producer behind Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch and other such shows, is behind the project for both the comic book version and the film.

According to Variety the comic book is to be written by Todd Livingston and drawn by Scott Keating.

It marks another move where the lines between Hollywood and comic books are blurring, by picking up a story idea before it's actually been created and scheduling it for a film or vice versa, and in this case even creating the two at the same time.

Danny DeVito is to direct a film called Charlotte Doyle, a "young adult" adventure adapted from the book The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle that will star such heady names as Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and Saoirse Ronan.

According to Variety the story is about a young girl you travels across the Atlantic during the 1800's from England to America, and is caught between a mutinous crew and a captain who rules the boat with an iron fist. Now I may not be so interested in the story, but seeing DeVito behind the camera again is a great thing.

The writers Dave Guion and Michael Handelman are to adapt the children's fantasy novel series Children of the Lamp by P.B. Kerr for the big screen according to Yahoo News. The story follows a family of djinn - a magical creature that could be compared to a genie - who disguise themselves as humans and live a normal life. Interestingly they can still grant wishes.

Stephen Susco is a cracking writer that I'm quite happy to keep plugging, has had more good news as his script Sanctuary has just found a director at Lionsgate and Sobini Films. According to Variety John Stockwell, who directed Turistas, is signed up to direct the film.

The script is an adaptation of the novel from John Connolly called Bad Men which tells the story of a woman who is mysteriously taking refuge on an island that just happens to be haunted. Of all the islands that she could pick!



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