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Stalked: Favreau on Iron Man 2, Downey Jr. on Sherlock Holmes, Actors ultimatum

Forget the politics, the accusations and the lies, here are the facts...almost.

Jon Favreau has apparently now been signed up for Iron Man 2.

Robert Downey Jr. is most definitely heading to the Sherlock Holmes film that will be directed by Guy Ritchie.

The television actors (AFTRA) union deal with the film producers (AMPTP) while SAG don't and are given an ultimatum.

These are the facts, forget the politics and the verbal diarrhoea.

Deadline Hollywood Daily through Cinema Blend are saying that Jon Favreau has signed up for Iron Man 2, finally, and despite all the reported bickering between the two. Ignoring the mudslinging that DHD are getting involved with too, this is great news for the second film.

Although this snippet is about Robert Downey Jr., it's not about Iron Man 2. The rumour is confirmed that he's signed up to play Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie's film of the famous character. Now this one sounds more interesting than the ill conceived comedy version which will include tons of drug, sex and bodily function humour from the Apatow camp.

However this is still Guy Ritchie, so who knows what will happen. Yahoo News have stories from E!Online and Variety, no source links given, that state Ritchie's version will pull in the influence of the comic series which suggests that the character was more action orientated and just outclassed everyone he met.

Finally, the USA Today reveals that while the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) actors union has decided on a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), and will therefore not be striking, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are still undecided.

What's interesting is that SAG have basically lost the vote of the thousands of actors who belong to both unions should they ask their members for a vote to strike, and if they do strike, AMPTP can simply turn to the union they have signed with for acting talent, talent that isn't exactly in short supply.

So while SAG are already out of contract, AMPTP have thrown down the gauntlet, either accept their final deal by the 15th of August, or we're done. Expect them to sign.



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