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Stalked: Hawaii Five-0 and Aronofsky for RoboCop?

HawaiiFive-O.jpgThere were a couple of bizarre stories I caught over the last few days, just in the corner of other stories that I really felt needed to be highlighted, just in case you missed them.

The first up is that Darren Aronofsky has apparently been in talking about directing RoboCop. Yes, wrap your head around that one if you will.

The second is that there's a remake of Hawaii Five-0 on the go, at least in script form anyway.

Just while I was writing up the story about the Red Dawn remake I saw something interesing, according to the story in the Hollywood Reporter, Darren Aronofsky was one of the directors who have been discussing the possibility of helming the RoboCop remake.

Did you get that? Darren Aronofsky directing RoboCop the remake? Now perhaps this is just chatter to try and raise the profile of the film, but do bear in mind that the studio are treating this remake as a big budget one, and last week I wrote about how they were pushing for franchise partners to help make it huge.

So maybe it's not too bizarre to think of Aronofsky screaming "you have twenty seconds to comply". However what a different film that will be?!

Yesterday I wrote about a bundle of little stories and while I was reading up about one I did an IMDB search on Christian Gudegast I saw an interesting title assigned to his name, now I know that the IMDB entries can sometimes be unreliable, but sitting atop his career list was Hawaii Five-0 for 2010.

At the moment it only has the status of announced with Gudegast as the writer, but it also has Max Makowski as writing the screenplay, and he's currently directing Kung Fu, the film adaptation of the television series about the monk travelling across the U.S. fighting injustice as he goes, you know the role played by David Carradine.

There are two other screenwriters attached, George Nolfi, who wrote The Bourne Ultimatum, The Sentinel and Ocean's Twelve, and Roger Towne who wrote The Recruit and The Natural.

We already heard that Quentin Tarantino turned down the role of director some time ago, and currently there's no one else attached to take that role, but there seems to have been plenty of writers on the case.

However is there going to be any more action on this than with the A-Team film? We've certainly heard nothing about it for some time. However I just can't see what extra we can get from film version of the televsion show Hawaii Five-0. The original was about an elite team of the police force in Hawaii that answered only to the Governor. Will it turn out to be another police film?



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