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Stalked: Hawaii Five-0, Den of Thieves, Rescat and Tera talks Tarantino

TeraPatrick.jpgI wrote about Tera Patrick being considered for Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! pretty much as soon as the story arrived, and it's only now that Variety are catching up with the story, but they have another quote from the famous pornstar.

Christian Gudegast is getting a chance to direct the screenplay for Den of Thieves, a film he wrote some time ago about a thief caught between two groups of criminals.

Rescat, or Rescue, is a Catalan language action thriller from Spain that is about to get a release and sounds pretty exciting.

Last week (six days and eighteen hours ago from posting) I wrote that Quentin Tarantino was looking to star Tera Patrick in the lead of his remake of Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Today Variety carries a story about the very same thing and caught a new comment from the star herself.

"I am the first to admit I can't do this forever! I'd love to cross over and do more regular movies"

Again Tarantino is said to be considering her for the role. Now that would be cool.

Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring wrote the screenplay for Den of Thieves some time ago, according to Variety it was actually nearly a decade, but now he's getting a chance to bring it to the big screen. Previously he was told it was too expensive and turned it into a television series, a series which was made into a pilot but never made it to the television sets. That's a long time for something to wait to make it to film, and it shows a lot of commitment from Gudegast to get it there after a failed film and a failed television series.

Just looking through the details of Gudegast gave me something interesting, apparently he's writing the script for a film version of Hawaii Five-0! Is it really going to happen? Probably as much as The A-Team film is!! Remember that television series? I have the theme tune tearing round my head right now, the story of the police in Hawaii and the crimes they investigate. Sing it!

Rescat, or Rescue, is a Catalan language film that is heading for worldwide distribution after Media Luna Entertainment bought the rights. According to Variety the film tells the story of three thieves who decide to up the ante and become kidnappers for one big, final gig. They kidnap the son of a dubious businessman and take him out to sea to hide him. The interesting part of this is that the three hire a screenwriter to try and create the perfect plan for kidnapping.



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