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Stalked: Maneater, Marching Powder

Maneater tells the story of an FBI profiler hunting a killer that could be himself…

Marching Powder stars Don Cheadle as a convicted drug trafficker making a living in prison…

Maneater is a new thriller in pre-production that sounds rather interesting, it tells the story of an FBI profiler who has become a small town sheriff and begins investigating a series of mysterious murders only to discover that the man he's trying to profile might well be himself.

To me this sounds remarkably like another film in development adapted from a novel, The Killer Inside Me where a Sheriff is investigating and covering up murders which he actually committed.

Actor Michael Emanuel co-wrote the script with John K. Anderson and will be directing the film. According to Emanuel who speaks through The Hollywood Reporter:

"It's a story that was told to me by an old Native American back in the late '70s…It's based on the Western Ojibwa (Chippewa) legend of the Windigo."

Sounds interesting, and I like the twist.

Marching Powder is based on the memoirs of Thomas McFadden, Marching Powder: The True Story of Friendship, Cocaine and South America's Strangest Jail, which tells of the life inside San Pedro prison which was run a capitalist system with bribery and corruption of officials at its heart.

Variety tells us that Don Cheadle will play the British drug trafficker - oh my lord, not another poor British accent from Cheadle? His one in Ocean's was terrible - who is arrested and placed in San Pedro prison for six years. While there he actually worked his way up to become a tour guide.

The film is to be directed by José Padilha who was responsible for the recent film Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) which was pretty damn intense, and of course Bus 174 (Ônibus 174) (Filmstalker review), another crackingly engaging film. This definitely has a lot of promise.



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