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Stalked: Nazi War Criminal, Fincher's Goon, Alba for Red Sonja, Hiding in Time

JessicaAlba.jpgThere's a bunch of stories I've just thrown together today:

John Madden is set to remake HaHov which shows Israeli agents chasing a Nazi war criminal over thirty years, but the film is much shorter!

David Fincher is going to produce The Goon comic as a CGI film.

Jessica Alba may be taking over the role of Red Sonja.

John Madden is set to direct a film based on the 2007 Israeli HaHov (The Debt) which followed a group of three Israeli intelligence agents in the 1960's who were chasing a Nazi war criminal and lost them. Some thirty years later they reappeared and the chase was on again. The story comes from Yahoo News who say that the director of Proof, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Shakespeare in Love and Mrs Brown, is expected to cast two actresses in the role of the protaganist.

David Fincher is set to bring the comic The Goon to the big screen as CGI according to The Hollywood Reporter. Eric Powell created the comic in 1999 and it follows a pretty tough character who is the enforcer for a mobster. The stories he gets involved in are about ghosts, zombies, scientists and that kind of thing but has a very comical edge to it too. Fincher is only marked down as producer, and there goes the good part. Powell is writing the screenplay and there's no word on who is directing as yet.

According to gossip sites, now that Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan have scrapped the Barbarella film - which is rumour at this point too - it seems that they are also scrapping plans for a remake of Red Sonja too. They also claim that the project is still going and the lead is still open and another name is being considered for the role. Celebrity gossip site Perez Hilton through Jo Blo has the rumour that Jessica Alba is being considered as the new Red Sonja. Personally I think she'd be better as a Barbarella than a Red Sonja, but there's the rumour.

Hiding in Time seems to be another new comic book adaptation that is heading for the big screen. This one tells the story of how, in the future, those who are seeking witness protection are sent back in time rather than relocated. Nice. However a group of bad guys have discovered how to head back too and are hunting them all down, closely followed by a scientist and a thief who are out to stop them. Take away the time travelling bit and that blurb from Variety through Cinematical sounds pretty samey. Beau Thorne, who wrote the Max Payne screenplay, is the man tasked with the screenplay.



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