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Stalked: Rymer directing Witchblade, Goode talks Watchmen

Watchmen_Poster.jpgMichael Rymer from Battlestar Galactica is set to direct the Witchblade film…

Matthew Goode, who is playing Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias in Watchmen has been talking about the film…

Michael Rymer is set to direct The Witchblade, a film adaptation of the comic book which features a woman chosen from each generation to take possession of a jewel-encrusted gauntlet which bestows them with tremendous powers. The news comes from Variety.

With Rymer having directed a number of Battlestar Galactica episodes it does look like he has the ability to make this something special and exciting. However can Hollywood adapt this any better than their previous attempts?

Matthew Goode plays Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias in the highly anticipated Watchmen film. So far everything is looking fantastic for the adaptation, and Goode continues that trend with an interesting interview over at Collider.

Goode confirms that Zack Snyder is currently working with a three hour cut of the film and is struggling to edit it down.

He also talks about some little traits he's brought to the character which may be a little bit new to some of the Watchmen readers:

"Matthew: …it's the fact that I wanted to do something a little bit different with it and so we decided to sort of embellish upon what given certain circumstances of Adrien Veidt's past are in the novel. So it's like well, was he born in America? I don't know. It seems to me there's a possibility that maybe he grew up a little bit in Germany and maybe that's the reason he gave away his parents wealth is because….it's stuff that's not going to be known by audiences. It's not talked about but just for the actor. Well, isn't it more interesting if he gave his parents money away because they were Nazi's, which is kind of in keeping with a sort of graphic novel form or a comic book, you know there's sort of values to the superhero or you know what makes them rise above the normal person. And it was also a really interesting idea as far as the American dream and propagating a public persona that's very American but in private he has a slight German accent with the American. I don't know, it seems very interesting.

Collider: Were you able to work that into the actual film?

Matthew: Yeah, it's in. It's in. It was in pretty early on because after the first scene which is all done American, it was only after we shot that that I thought wouldn't that be interesting and Zack was like, you fucking bet. Go for it. And because it's not mentioned to anyone then some people might be a bit thrown of like…I think they'll get it as in the public/private thing, and I just hope they buy into it and like it rather that it being a hindrance."

So thankfully they aren't just trying to recreate the entire novel on screen verbatim, and Snyder is open to putting in new ideas and listening to the actors and still retaining what Watchmen is.

You know I'm really getting more and more excited for Watchmen by every word and image released.



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