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Stalked: Singer's superhero Capeshooters, Stealing Time

Bryan Singer is producing the interesting sounding superhero film Capeshooters…

Walt Becker is directing the action time travel thriller Stealing Time…

Bryan Singer is getting back into the superhero genre rather quickly, and it's before a Superman Returns sequel too. He'll be producing though, not directing. Capeshooters has an interesting plot, two no hopers become paparazzi and begin hounding superheroes for candid photos to sell to the papers. By complete luck they take photos of a leading superhero showing that he's actually a villain. According to Variety J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will write the script.

Walt Becker is going to direct the action film Stealing Time which, according to Variety, will tell the story of three generations of men how embark on a quest around the world to uncover the secrets of an ancient device called the Antikythera Mechanism which may just make time travel possible. Call me crazy, but doesn't that sound like Tomb Raider or National Treasure.



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