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Stalked: Wicked, Cody and Spielberg, Irreparable Harm CIA expose

Wicked musical for film...

Diablo Cody working with Steven Spielberg...

Irreparable Harm to looks into the evacuation of troops from Vietnam - timely perhaps?...

It seems that the musical Wicked is going to be the next to reach the big screen as a musical film. It seems that musicals are becoming the next big area for Hollywood to scour for material. It's also perhaps one of the genres that's getting the most faithful and honest adaptations out of everything just now.

I never knew much about Wicked to be honest, not much until I saw the poster in that huge scene at the beginning of I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), and then I discovered that the story follows the Wicked Witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz, and it's been doing superbly well and selling out too. The story comes from WENN through ScreenRush.

Word is that Diablo Cody is going to be writing a secret comedy for Steven Spielberg, and it's being kept a real deep secret, so secret in fact that those negotiating the deal between them aren't aware of the project at all. Cody's career is taking a huge leap forward as this marks her second collaboration with Spielberg, the first being the pilot for his The United States of Tara. Story comes from Variety through Cinema Blend.

Irreparable Harm is a film being developed by writer Jesse Wigutow and director Eugene Jarecki which will look at the true story of Frank Snepp, the CIA's chief strategy analyst in Saigon at the time of the withdrawl of troops during the Vietnam war in 1975. Sounds rather timely does it not? It tells how the Snepp returns to the U.S. troubled over what happened during the evacuation and decides to reveal all in a book that the CIA tried to suppress at every turn. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.



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