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Stalker's Poll: Blu-ray wins, what will you do?

Bluray.jpgI've not been keeping up with the polls here on Filmstalker, but now that the big events for this year are behind me I'm back on the ball, so we're playing catch up a little and I'll start with one I ran a while ago about the end of the high definition format war.

I asked the question “Blu-ray wins, what will you do?”, and the response was pretty interesting with not everyone leaping on the new technology.

43% - Stick with DVD
24% - I already bought Blu-ray
23% - Stick with HD-DVD and reap the deals
8% - Other
1% - Buy a dual format player

As usual the Other section was filled with some interesting responses:

Stop being a consumer [Rude word removed]
Buy a PS3 and get a player and a console
Buy a Blu-Ray player
I'll wait until Blu Ray 2.0 is released so I don't pay $1000 for something that
Pending arrival of my PS3 in 11 days (birthday!)
Buy Blu-ray down the line
I already own both

So let's look at the results. I'm surprised that there are so many people still sticking with DVD, frankly I thought that there would be more looking to upgrade. However I understand the concern that some people have, although I don't agree with it necessarily.

I don't think another format is going to come along any time soon, and Blu-ray production is ramping up. To be honest, despite some new moves towards internet distribution of content, it's just not going to be high definition streaming of films at the touch of a button just yet. Well it is if you're on satellite or cable, but you are limited by the monthly choice and you don't own the film.

Yes the XBox 360 and PS3 are moving that way, but neither give you a physical copy to own, and if you've bought a PS3, well you have a fully upgradeable Blu-ray player already.

Another surprising figure are the amount of people sticking with HD-DVD to reap the rewards. Well right now the rewards are great, but soon there'll be nothing new out there, after all no one is releasing titles any more.

I'm not surprised by the low about looking at dual format players though!

Amongst the other comments I am very surprised by the comment “I'll wait until Blu Ray 2.0 is released so I don't pay $1000 for something that”. That's what the PS3 is for, a very cheap Blu-ray player in a games console and home media centre, and it's upgradeable with free updates!

I'm already on the latest version of the player, and the previous update added the picture in picture, which HD-DVD owners were clinging onto as one of the top reasons for that format winning, and DTS-HD, the high definition version of DTS allow true studio mix audio to your home cinema system.

All in all I'm really enjoying the Blu-ray experience and I definitely think I did the right thing in buying the PS3 as my main player. However I can understand the reluctance to upgrade, but Blu-ray is here to stay.



As you know I'm looking into a PS3, so what finally nudged me? Batman Begins is out on the 14th :D

Good move. Well if you want some advice Ram, I have a fill HD home cinema setup at home including full HD audio, and I've done a lot of research to get where I have.

As you also know I have a PS3 so Blu-Ray for me. Ideally I want to upgrade all the movies I own to Blu-Ray because well its better than DVD but doing this will be very expensive so at the moment its still open to whether I will do this. But for example I was going to buy the 2 disc directors cut of Zodiac on DVD from the USA but then I found that it was being released on Blu-Ray here for cheaper than what the DVD would cost me from the USA. So for now DVD will suffice but there are some titles I definately want to be getting on Blu-Ray like Transformers and 300 and new movies that come out I may get on Blu-Ray depending on the price.

I'm loving the PS3 - but not really for BluRay. My Panasonic panel has superb SD display and DVD upscaled (thanks to the PS3 over HDMI) looks stunning anyway. For me (and my eyes!) the difference in price between Blu-ray and DVD does not justify the quality difference (very slight in *my environment* - I'm happy for it to be a massive improvement in other people's living rooms!).

I did like the menu features and other gubbins with blu-ray. I'll be waiting until the discs come down in price though.

Can you play all you avi files (xvid / divx & all the otehr codecs), dvd(video_ts folders) from your home network on the PS3?

Oh yeah. I use TVersity on my PC and the PS3 automatically connects to it and I can stream any video content directly to it with upscaling. It also copes with almost all audio and photo formats too.

With the latest update of the PS3 (due soon) we're going to get upscaling on divx and avi too!


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