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Star Wars films to go 3-D

GeorgeLucas.jpgA long time ago in a galaxy far far away, George Lucas made three pretty damn good Star Wars films. And then he decided to cash in and make three more, and some of us wished he hadn't bothered. Well it could be that at some point in the future you could be watching them all in 3-D. That's right folks George Lucas is looking to milk that cash cow again…

Three prequels and an animated series and now this. Isn't it about time he came up with some new material?

The news of George Lucas' plan comes from Coming Soon, who spoke to DreamWorks Animations CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. He had this to say about Lucas' plans to turn Star Wars 3-D.

He isn't going to put a product out, I think, that isn't anything other than first rate.

Ahem, okay then. No more details than that at this time but I can't say I'm thrilled. All six Star Wars films in 3-D? I can hear the cash registers already. He seems to be making a fairly comfortable living these days rehashing Star Wars, revisiting Indiana Jones. I wish he'd come up with something different. What do you think about all six Star Wars films in 3-D? Good idea or bad?



What stupid commentary. What's with the snarky sarcasm on this announcement, "He seems to be making a fairly comfortable living these days rehashing Star Wars, revisiting Indiana Jones"" Yeah, so what? If I invented some of the most beloved film franchises in the history of cinema, you bet I'd keep pumping out product. On top of these amazing achievements Lucas invented FX as we know it today, as well as digital cinema. Your commentary smacks of childish jealousy. Why do you care if he makes more money putting Star Wars out in 3D? I'll be first in line and I bet many others would agree. If he keeps putting Star Wars product out and his product keeps making him tons of money, which he puts into his FX company, by the way, why would you possibly care? I'm always amused with this kind of petulent, lazy, vapid commentary. It's as if you're angry that he's making money off of the things he invented. With your logic you must hate the new Dark Knight film because Batman has been done to death already. How dare they make more money off of Batman, right? How about Stan Lee? Do you hate him because he continues to make money off all the Marvel films? Read The Story of Star Wars if you want to appreciate the struggles Lucas had to go through to get Star Wars off the ground, it's nothing short of astonishing. Sigh.

Wow, take a breather there Jeff, you've made it hard to read your comment with the longest line in history.

First up Louise didn't say she hated George Lucas, and as an audience member and a fan of Star Wars who has already forked out for the cinema and various video and DVD versions, I myself am getting a bit tired of the constant rehashing of the same product.

The Dark Knight and Stan Lee are different because they are new stories, new material, new scripts, new films. The Star Wars films continually get released under a new package time and time again.

In fact they are way more clever with Batman because they've worked hard to find a way to bring new life to the series, unlike Star Wars Episode I.

Personally I get fed up with studios double dipping films - that's when they release a standard DVD offering of the film and wait six or so months before offering a Director's Cut or Special Edition, and then if they can pull it off they'll got for it a few more times.

Why do I hate that? (Louise, who wrote the article, will I'm sure will speak for herself on this one) but for me I hate it because I'm one of those fans who keeps seeing an ever so slightly different version of the films being released and gets fed up being marketed into buying them.

Why do I care? Because of the fan, the average person who keeps being told that this is the version of the films they should have, only to find out six months later that they are being reworked in some way to be resold again.

Hi Jeff.

I'm just giving my opinion, and I definitely don't expect everyone to agree with it. I really loved Star Wars 4,5 and 6. But I really do think the three prequels were a missed opportunity, some people would disagree with me there as well which is fine. And I don't think I'm wrong that he is continuing to make money from them many years after, and not producing anything much that is brand new.

He's perfectly entitled to do so, but I think it would be good to see him come up with something different as I said. Maybe something as ground breaking today as Star Wars was way back then. Something not related to Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Maybe he doesn't want to and that's up to him.

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing The Dark Knight yet, but the footage so far looks stunning and I hope I love it. As with the six Star Wars films, I've enjoyed some of the Batman films and some not so much. But I couldn't see myself heading back to the cinema to see them in 3-D given the opportunity.

Stan Lee has an impressive list of different comic book creations, which he can also do whatever he likes with. And we're both entitled to our opinion on what he does with them too. And I most certainly don't hate him.

I'm not angry at George Lucas for making money from his creation, or jealous. He came up with it so he can do as he pleases. In my opinion though it would be nice to see something different. And for me turning six Star Wars films into 3-D is mostly a money making exercise. You disagree which is your right, and millions of people will be queuing up with you. But I definitely wouldn't go nearly so far as calling your commentary stupid, it's your opinion which you are entitled to have.

I asked if people thought it was a good idea or not. You obviously do, and many others will. I hope you enjoy them when they come out!

George Lucas himself said decades ago that he was looking forward to putting Star Wars behind him and making some serious work. Well what's the delay George? Not lack of money surely? If the writer of this piece is a little scathing of George Lucas then it's because he has failed to live up to the promises of the past. Even Star Wars fans are getting bored with buying new versions of his films. It's cynical marketing and a lack of new ideas. Oh and Star Wars 3D? Could not care less.

Tell it how it is Louise.

Nobody is putting a gun to anyone's head to make them buy every version of a movie that comes out (and many, many DVDs double dip). Lucas created one of the richest universes in the world and the fanboy (and girl) attitude has been, "Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?" That's utterly ridiculous. He invented Star Wars and Indiana Jones, (and American Graffiti, which is where Happy Days comes from, by the way), why does he have to make anything else, these are 2 of the most popular franchises in cinematic history. I can't wait for The Clone Wars cartoon and the live action Star Wars show. I hardly believe he's "milking it". Lucas doesn't need the money, he's doing this stuff out of a labor of love. Do you get angry every time a new Star Trek movie comes out? There have been 5 Star Trek TV shows, is Gene Roddenberry's family milking it? If these things weren't popular they wouldn't be made. Obviously many more people disagree with the comments in the above post than agree.

Yes, as far as television goes Star Trek is milking it, but yet again you fall fowl of your own argument - the Star Trek films are doing something new, continually re-releasing the SAME FILMS in slightly different formats isn't.

Another thing to think about is how many of the Star Trek shows have been cancelled - how popular were they?

Of course we don't have to buy them, I have actually stopped buying them, but I know others do and it's unfair to consumers.

You're right though, no one is putting a gun to anyone's head, so no matter how unfair it is to the consumer and the fan that might only be able to afford a box set or two.

I can't speak for everyone, but I would say there is a split of Star Wars fans. Some who love all the new incarnations and releases, and some who are getting a little bored of it. As you can tell I'm in the latter.

And although he has created one of, if not the most loved trilogies of all time, and a character of Indiana Jones calibre, I find it strange that since then nothing new has come.

Of the few creative people I know, they can't stop coming up with ideas. They can't help it, it just happens constantly. And as you say Mark, money can't be an issue in getting them made.

I think maybe I'd be more comfortable if he had created even more original work. Even if Star Wars is an impossible act to beat. If he had done that, and laid off the reselling of the Star Wars idea, I'd be a bit less exhausted by it. Don't know about any other Star Wars fans though.

I haven't seen all the Star Trek films but I was a huge Voyager fan. I think what's stopped Star Trek becoming as worn out, is that all the different series have different characters, different stories and are set in different times. From what I know of the films they all tell different stories as well. So to me it seems less like the same idea being sold all the time. That's just me though.

I am a Star Wars fan who not just loved the originals but also loved the much maligned prequels but I have to say that I am also getting bored with all this rehashing of this franchise, whether in the form of a new boxset for all 6 films, a new spin off animated tv series, and this time around, a 3D version. Fellow SW geeks may disown me when I say this but yes, Star Wars was groundbreaking at that time, but time has also since moved on and so should Lucas. It is milking it dry, and like Louise, I am also calling it as it is.

Great news, i like all the star wars movies alot, and iam looking forward to the 3D Versions.
I allready have some 3D movies and games and i like them alot, Shrek is very cool in 3D, but i think George Lucas will make them in a new 3D Format, for the NextGen 3D HDTV's and theaters.

Typical mindless Western mindset, if they sell it I certainly MUST buy it. How sad to see people lamenting the idea that they are being "duped" into buying the same product over and over again. Interestingly enough, few arguments are being made to simply stop purchasing the product. Oh no, of course not, because if they sell it, well naturally we all must indeed buy it.

How many times has Gone with the Wind been re-released? Halloween? The Sound of Music? Nearly every other major, high grossing film since nearly the dawn of the Film era? Indeed Star Wars at least offers options just by the sheer fact that it's a whole series, verses the 10,000th re-release of the Wizard of Oz. Studios have been making money of re-releases for decades, George Lucas is neither new, or unique, to that game. I mean how DARE a business man make money off a still viable product. The shame!

This man owes me nothing. He has given me not one, but two iconic franchises, some amazing memories I hold dear, beloved characters I enjoy, and merchandise that continues to keep my enjoyment and interest in these franchises alive. Lucas is indeed set to release a new film based off the Tuskegee Airmen, but even if he wasn't I am quite THANKFUL to the man for giving me far more than most filmmakers ever deliver. I purchase from him the product that interests me, and I ignore that which does not. He has my money, I have his product, and it's been a fair exchange for decades.

I'd love to see Star Wars in the new 3-D format, just as I plunked down my cash to see Nightmare Before Christmas during it's last rerelease in 3-D. I get a kick out of it, and for those who do not, I see no point in bitching; let your money talk and your feet walk. The entitled attitude demonstrated from most in this thread is fit to be guffawed at.

Of course these comments are telling people not to buy the same product again and again, it's building awareness.

It doesn't matter what the film is either, the practice of continually re-releasing the same film to get extra cash is the problem, and it's not just about Star Wars, even doing it with Gone with the Wind is terrible. That is unless there's something new to be had by the release.

Also it's the continual tweaking, changing and adding to the films that's the terrible part, especially when they don't need it.

The attitudes aren't mindless, western only or entitled. They come from people who love the original franchise.


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