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Star Wars: The Clone Wars three minutes online

StarWarsCloneWars.jpgThree minutes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has appeared online, and for me it manages to cheapen the originals yet again, lightening the characters far too much and adding in elements from other, more modern films at the same time.

For example, why are the Stormtroopers now martial arts experts? I just don't understand the need to do things like this.

Yet it does do something positive, and that's give Anakin Skywalker some decent character strength, as does Obi Wan Kenobi, who was revitalised as a complete worrier.

The scene that's appeared online at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] through Jo Blo shows Obi Wan and Anakin fighting an army of clones and their various weaponry.

While I like the movement through the scenes and the involvement in the action, it all felt a little flat, lacked the real Star Wars Jedi kind of feeling and the martial artist stormtroopers did nothing for me.

What do you think of Star Wars: The Clone Wars then, and let everyone know if you're an original fan or not, I think that makes all the different if you like these current Lucas incarnations.



Hmmm, we had this up 3 days prior to Jo Blo - lol


I think the film will be what fans need. Any comments like was made by the article about it is petty. Unless he can do a better job.

I hope the story is as good as the animation and the camera angles. Can't wait to see it.

This looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait. I don't understand your disdain over everything Star Wars. Lucas isn't making this for you, he's making it for children. Do you think he gives a rat's ass that someone in their (30s I'm guessing?) isn't interested in his new cartoon. By your logic he was never suppose to make any additional Star Wars films because it offends your childhood nostalgia. That's just ridiculous, a lot more people enjoy Star Wars than the kids who watched the films in the 70s and 80s. Star Wars came out 31 years ago, I think Lucas is allowed to add to the Star Wars cannon any way he sees fit. It in no way diminishes my love of the original trilogy. Obvuously this stuff makes tons of money so most people would appear to disagree with your predictable, grumpy attitude towards anything post Return of the Jedi. I for one love all this stuff and I'll be first in line for the new cartoon and I'll watch it on television. You can choose to ignore it out of some strange grudge you have against Lucas' success.

Slow down there Jeff, let me correct some assumptions and mistakes you've made about my comments:

"your disdain over everything Star Wars" - Not everything Star Wars. The continual reissuing of the same films - yes, the three prequels to the superb originals which were poor by their standards - yes.

"By your logic he was never suppose to make any additional Star Wars films because it offends your childhood nostalgia" - Not my logic, that's your assumption and therefore your logic. I never said anything of the sort.

The only thing I can think of you're referring to are my comments against the martial artist stormtroopers and the fact that there was no real feeling of strength of the power of the Jedi. If you read the article you'll see those are the negative comments.

Positive comments are made on the increased strength of the Anakin and OBi Wan characters.

You are right, he doesn't care a rat's ass, he's making his money hand over fist and that's great for him. He can also add all he likes to it - actually I enjoyed the way he added extra bits to the original films.

What I don't like is the changing of plot, characters and storylines which start to put things out of sync with the original films which are actually at the end of the story.

I also don't like poor sequels/prequels to any films, not just Star Wars.

I have no grudge against good entertainment and good cinema, and no grudge against Lucas and his latest works either.

"I also don't like poor sequels/prequels to any films, not just Star Wars."

This is your opinion yet you state it as fact. Who says the Star Wars sequels were poor? That's only your opinion. I'm not only reacting to your post but your many other posts where you express derision over post trilogy Star Wars. We get it, you have a grudge against Lucas.

"You are right, he doesn't care a rat's ass, he's making his money hand over fist and that's great for him."

You often refer to the fact that Lucas makes a lot of money in your posts and it's quite clear you're bothered by this for some bizarre reason. He makes lots of money because people love what he makes. It's that simple. You state you negative opinions about Star Wars as if its fact. I didn't care for the Phantom Menance, but I loved AOTC and ROTS and many others did as well. You're entitled to your opinion but your anti-Star Wars stance is very transparent. I don't have a crystal ball but I can already predict that you'll hate the new animated film and you'll be angry that it will make a lot of money. will I like it? I have no idea, I haven't seen it yet but so far the trailers make me optimistic.

By the way, sorry if my tone seems angry, that's not my intention. I actually love your site. I've just noticed an anti-Lucas agenda from time to time and it just seems unwaranted. This is the guy who invented Star Wars, Indiana Jones, digital cinema, and FX as we know them today. He's an amazing person.

Well it is a fact that it's my opinion, it's also a widely held opinion from critics and viewers, yes though, not all of them and some people do like the new Star Wars films.

It's not a bizarre reason that I don't like the fact that someone is making money out of the public by releasing the same thing again and again - I talk about "double dipping" loads on DVD's, and I hate the pratice, I've been very open about it, Lucas or not. With Star Wars we're well passed double dipping and it is getting ridiculous.

It's not just that though, it's the huge amount of merchandising that demeans the original view of Star Wars. In the UK I saw an advert for Darth Vader advertising toasters bought from Woolworths - a very cheap nationwide supermarket. To me that's milking the franchise for everything it's got.

Again that's an opinion I hold outside of Star Wars and Lucas and have recently stated it regarding The Dark Knight being used to advertise MacDonalds "burgers", with the only connnection being the pepper used is black.

You've got a very black and white stance on this, you either hate or love, there's no in between. I love three of the Star Wars films, I love two of the Indiana Jones films.

However it's obvious from general opinion that the films in both series since then have not been as strong as the originals.

It can't be an anti-Star Wars stance if I love three of the films. The first one was awful and the next two got better and better, but there were still big problems with the last one and it never recaptured the epic feel of the originals nor the feelings of seeing Jedi's in action.

Also there's no anti-Lucas agenda here, if he did something I liked I would be positive about it, and again you've missed the point I made in my last comment and in the article, I liked some aspects of the trailer.

However I did not like some of the aspects of the trailer and it looks good fun, although again it doesn't get near the strength of the originals.

As for what he's done, yes he did create Star Wars and Indiana Jones, however they've not been handled as well since, and that's not just my view.

I don't think we can credit him with all effects as we know them today, that's like saying the same thing about Ray Harryhausen. He and his company have done a lot in that field that's for sure.

No problem on the tone, I love a good debate!

No problem on the tone, I love a good debate!

We haven't had one about Star Wars for a while no? :P

What a read!


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