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Swinton backs tiny Film Festival

TildaSwinton.jpgTilda Swinton is backing what sounds like it could be the smallest International Film Festival around, although I'm sure there's one smaller somewhere. She's backing the Nairn Film Festival which is called The Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams and is located in Nairn, in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland – my birthplace!

You can get through the door for the fee of home baking, and there are films coming from as far apart as Shanghai and California already.

Tilda Swinton is the patron of the film festival which has Mark Cousins, a former director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, saying that they wanted to keep the festival familiar and free from technology and glitz, something that I think Nairn could do very well.

“We want to keep a grungy feel and not have all the high technology and glitz of other film festivals...Ninety-nine percent of the programme is now locked and we are at the stage of refitting the building.”

He says, through the BBC, that a third of the tickets will be sold in advance and two thirds will be sold at the door with the low price of three pounds for adults and two pounds for children for all films.

I wasn't joking about the home baking either as Cousins reveals that they did say you could get in for free with cakes when the festival was first announced:

“We are worried we might get overloaded with them, but if anyone should show up with buns I'm sure we'll let them in for free.”

That's pretty cool, but I suspect there'll be a lot of people turning up with cakes! I would be!!

The festival will be running in Nairn from the 15th to the 23rd August and already they will be featuring a first screening, the African film Hyenas.



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