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Television films to get more adverts

TelevisionSet.jpgTelevision viewers in the UK are about to get their films interrupted for longer and more often each hour as rules are lifted on advertising during television programming.

Ofcom, who regulate the UK television providers, have relaxed rules that limited the amount and length of adverts, and there's a specific rule about the number of advert breaks allowed during films. Or rather there was.

The rule change mean that viewers could face advert breaks of up to twelve minutes an hour, compared to the current seven minutes, and there could be more of the breaks too.

According to the Daily Mail we might be seeing four advert breaks an hour in a film instead of the current maximum of three, and with these being increased from a maximum of seven minutes to twelve, that's a lot more of a break in a two hour film.

Of course compare that with a U.S. audience and what they have to put up with in advertising and we're still in heaven. Actually, what do U.S. audiences have to put up with during the showing of films on television? I know that serialised TV shows have adverts as soon as the titles are over and before the titles come on, and plenty in between, but what about films?

What do television viewers think of this? Are you going to get upset at more adverts during films or do you not mind them? Good time to go take a toilet break or get a cup of something? Doesn't it break your concentration and the plot? It does for me.



Yet another reason to avoid watching films on TV if possible. If it's a film I've seen before then I don't mind adverts so much. If I just feel like watching it while it's on. But more adverts will change that probably.

I can't watch a new film on a channel with adverts though. Annoys me much more. I stopped watching Lost on TV due to the excessive amounts of adverts. Irritating beyond belief.


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