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Tera Patrick for Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill?

TeraPatrick.jpgThere's been talk of Quentin Tarantino doing a remake of Russ Meyer's classic 1966 cult film Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! for some time now, and there have been various names attached, but in what sounds like self promotion there's a new name being linked with the project, or rather someone is saying she's being considered.

Tera Patrick is more famous for starring in adult films, and is a huge name in the adult business, but now it looks like she wants to be considered for slightly more serious roles as she reveals that she is delighted to be considered for the role.

A bit more than delighted in fact as she says:

"It would be the hottest remake ever, and I'm honored to be considered"

However let's be a bit more realistic. The quote comes from Page Six through /Film and is being attributed to a "source". Since Page Six is a gossip site there's the possibility that this might just be someone wishing it were true or positioning the adult star for the role.

The source apparently said that Quentin loves the idea of Patrick, and that she's a great match for the original star of Russ Meyer's film Tura Satana. Well she certainly has a very close resemblance to the woman, so perhaps there's chance after all.

It is an interesting idea though, what would be more perfect for a modern remake of Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! than porn star actresses? /Film suggests that it's not quite right since Tera Patrick has had implants and it wouldn't work in a Meyer remake, but if we're talking modernisation, don't porn stars and fake breasts fit perfectly?



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