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Terminator Salvation footage seen, writer revealed

TerminatorEndo.jpgIt seems that the Terminator Salvation extended trailer has been seen online, the previous one I showed which was released online was a short one and didn't even touch the full three minute one in terms of footage.

Not just that but director McG has been talking about the film and revealed a few things that just might have Terminator fans thinking that he could pull this one off.

Talking about how Terminator Salvation began and he was first involved with it he revealed at Comic-Con:

“This whole thing began with listening. We listened to the fans and everybody wanted to look at the future. We weren’t excited about making T4, we were excited about making a new beginning. This feature is post judgement day to get a look at those worlds that the previous pictures only teased. Prior to making the picture I made sure to talk to Jim Cameron, of course Arnold Schwarzenegger. We hired Stan Winston, may he rest in peace and his designs are all over this picture.”

Okay, well that comment through Empire has me thinking that he started out right, but let's face it, the thought of McG doing a Terminator film was as worrying as Jonathan Mostow doing another one. Actually it was worse.

I'm really not thrilled about the whole idea but then he keeps talking, and suddenly I start to feel myself getting won over.

“We’re shooting the picture with the picture first at all times. I know there’s been some talk about a PG-13 rating. Something I guaranteed Christian is that we put the picture first at all times. And I’ve been given [the studio heads’] blessing to make the picture and if it’s a rated R picture it’s a rated R picture and that’s that. The picture comes first.”

Now that's great news. Normally you don't hear a director talking as strongly as that about a possible R rating, and it's very rare to hear that the studio are backing them if it goes to an R. I'm sure they won't push it that far, but it sounds like they aren't being restricted by outside influences other than those wanting a strong Terminator film.

Then it gets even better as McG reveals who has been writing the screenplay. We've heard various rumours before, but this news is superb. Think one of the writers of The Dark Knight screenplay and you'll have it. Yes, Jonathan Nolan has written the final Terminator Salvation script.

Now that has me really excited, the Nolan brothers did such an amazing job on the script of The Dark Knight and approached it from a very real view and went out to write a strong, dark, thriller, not a superhero film. If that's the aim on Terminator Salvation, then we could be in for something stunning.



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